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Personal & Business Tax Preperation

We are dedicated to helping people resolve tax issues with the IRS or the State they reside in. It is our goal to help you become tax debt free. Over the years, we have prepared thousands of personal and business tax returns for a diverse range of clients. However, our core principles have always been a focus on customer service and client relations; just because we deal in volume does not mean we forego superior quality or personalized attention. 
Our philosophy has enabled us to service entire families over generations. The trust that parents place with BSSNH, Inc.  is passed onto their children, and their children’s children…and we value that trust. Our experience, as well as our focus on customer service, is the reason why our clients return year after year for their tax needs.

Other Services Offered

No matter how complex your tax situation, our professional tax service team is ready to help you. We can assist with your standard income tax return, but we're also well versed in:
  1. File Back Taxes
  2. Offer in Compromise
  3. Penalty Abatement
  4. Lien Removal
  5. Release Tax Levy
  6. Innocent Spouse Relief
  7. 940 & 941 Payroll Issues
  8. Audit Representation

Now let us use that knowledge to get you the big refund you deserve, or possibly save you money by finding tax breaks.   Whether your self-employed  or  have a home based businesses BSSNH, Inc’s is  available for you throughout the year when you need to file estimated taxes or when you have tax questions. Friendly, knowledgeable tax filing experts and results you can trust.
We make our customers our priority, so when you're looking for a tax service firm, BSSNH, Inc’s is the best choice.

P.O. Box 234, Nashua, NH 03061 - 603-598-6352 -
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